This Is How It's Meant To Sound...
ceres vocal sample library for kontakt 4 and above with true legato
ceres vocal sample library for kontakt 4 and above with true legato

About Auddict

Welcome to Auddict! We are happy to introduce ourselves to the vast world of sample libraries and audio production.
It goes without saying that we aim to bring to best sounding and playable sample libraries that we possibly can. The tech is there, and we are at a time where it is being pushed and pushed every day.

What we do promise, is to be at the forefront of this force with every new instrument we bring out. You will always see something new, or something exploited more than is has been before. Rather than adding another "set of strings" for people to add to their arsenal, or another choir library with the same set of features you have seen a hundred times, we will bring you instruments that are designed to aid you in writing passages of music, which, before our libraries, you wouldn't have been able to convincingly create and mock up

Since our recent inception, we have been working hard to create and release our libraries, many of which are already being used professionally both in major scores for film/tv/video games, as well as in other genres of music.

Auddict is primarily based in London, UK, and we work with musicians and audio professionals from all over the world. Some of our planned projects in the not too distant future will also involve us travelling to other countries to meet and record some very interesting musicians.

We are always open to suggestions and ideas. This might be a specific instrument you'd like to see sampled, a feature you'd like to see in our upcoming libraries, or anything else. Please let us know at