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the softest piano tones.

Our piano was re-engineered and prepared for the very softest tones. Precise equipment was used to capture the tiniest and finest gradations of dynamics.

unprecedented intimacy in sound.

Three mic positions include a special "tracked" mic position to get the closest sound possible.

12x multi-sampled extra sound layers .

Mix in to-taste. Includes resonances of the piano itself, extracted and recorded with a brand new method.



beyond the keystrokes

beyond a felt piano

Introducing the Broken Heartstrings Piano, where the timeless Steinway Concert Grand Piano has been meticulously re-engineered and professionally prepared to unveil the most tender and emotionally resonant piano tones.

We harnessed highly precise equipment to break apart and capture the subtlest and most delicate gradations in the very softest dynamics, as well as twelve extra sound layers allowing you to modify your sound to taste.

Our quest for intimacy led us to explore new frontiers in piano sound. Included with the three microphone positions is a special "tracked" option that brings you closer to the heart of the music than ever before.

intimite mic positions

closer than ever with special "tracking" close mic

precise equipment used to capture the finest gradations in soft dynamics

breathtakingly soft dynamics

12x extra sampled sound enhancement &
SFX layers to blend

hammers, pedals, strings prepared and engineered

preset manager

special mic positions

Within the three mic positions, our innovative approach includes an ultra-close, stereophonically interesting sound, thanks to tracked microphones that capture every key at an ultra-close perspective.

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touch the silence.

Our piano underwent meticulous adjustments by a skilled technician. The hammers were tailor-tuned, and the soft pedal was further calibrated. Hundreds of carefully selected materials were applied to specific areas of the piano, enhancing its beautiful soft range.

Furthermore, the room was acoustically treated to enhance the intimate sound, ensuring that every delicate nuance of the soft piano tones could be clearly heard and appreciated.

three mic positions

Includes an intimately close position, a mid position, and a far room sound.

tracked-close mics

Our close position was carefully adjusted for the different sections/ranges of strings, to capture all notes intimately.

stereophonically stimulating

The tracking of our close position results in a wealth of captivating perspectives and dynamic movement in the nearest mic position.

finest dynamic gradations.

We utilized highly precise monitoring equipment, in conjunction with a skilled pianist capable of achieving the utmost subtleties in the soft dynamic range of the piano. This synergy allowed us to capture the most delicate nuances in soft dynamics achievable.

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Full Specs/

Sonic Marvel: 9GB+ Samples

Unleash the power of 9GB+ meticulously crafted samples, delivering an unparalleled level of intricate sonic brilliance.

16x Dynamic Layers Unleashed..

Experience up to 16 dynamic layers, each finely graded for soft piano sounds, meticulously captured using state-of-the-art recording and monitoring equipment.

Sound Sculpting Mastery: 12 Extra Mixable Layers at Your Fingertips

Harness the creativity of 12 extra mixable sound design layers, granting you control over piano resonance, adding ethereal pads, and transforming mechanical piano sounds with unprecedented precision.

Piano Customization Redefined: Shape Every Sonic Nuance

Craft your dream piano sound by adjusting mechanical noises and even the resonance character using groundbreaking techniques that capture the essence of the piano itself.

Legendary Steinway D: Elevate Your Artistry

Elevate your compositions with the world-renowned Steinway D concert grand, the epitome of piano excellence.

Immersive Recording: Three Mic Positions for Sonic Intimacy

Dive into the heart of music creation with three distinct mic positions, including a unique tracked position that places you within inches of the piano strings, capturing the most intimate and emotive piano sounds imaginable.

Runs in Kontakt 4 (FULL) and Above.

The library runs smoothly on the full version of Kontakt 4 and higher. With its seamless integration, composers can take full advantage of the library's extensive features, including intuitive controls, flexible articulations, and advanced performance capabilities. Unlock the true potential of the library within Kontakt and enjoy a seamless composing experience.