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Complete Composer's Toolbox

Solo cello (full true legato) 🎻, strings, solo soprano 🎤, felt piano 🎹, drums 🥁, synths 🎛️, organs, harpsichord, tuned percussion & more.

Nearly $770 Worth of premium samples for just $140 🔑

Unlocking unparalleled value for your compositions.‍

Multi-RR, TRUE-Legato, Multi-Dynamic

True legato, multipledynamic layers and RR variations.

What's Inside? 🗝️

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Giant Instrument Collection

The Composer's Cornucopia

This giant complete composers collection comes with an array of instruments, including a solo cello (with true legato) 🎻, string orchestra, solo soprano 🎤, felt piano 🎹, drums 🥁, synths 🎛️, organs, harpsichord, tuned percussion & more.

Composers Collection: "Dark Academia" provides exceptional value for composers seeking professional-grade sounds. Immerse yourself in 🌟 world-class samples, with multiple 🎙️ microphone positions, dynamic layers, and round-robin variations, ensuring a rich and authentic sound that stands out in the industry. 🎧

Solo Cello

String Orchestra

Organs & Harpsichord

Soprano Vocalist

Felt Piano

Synths & FX

Xylophone, Marimba, Glockenspiel

Access a Huge Library of Instruments

String Orchestra 🎻, Epic Drums 🥁, Solo Vocals 🎤, Traditional Viking Instruments ⚔️ & More...  (Click for full list)

Something Else

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Give your music life-like realism

True Legato, Multi Dynamic Layers, Multi RR Variations.

Beautiful Solo Cello With True Legato

Realistic True Legato

Craft and perform beautiful flowing phrases with ease.

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Dynamics, RR and Mics to the Max

Legato, Staccato, Spiccato and Pizzicato covered with three mic positions, up to 7RR and multiple dynamic layers.

1714 Soprano Phrases

A highlight of this collection, the solo soprano, features an extensive library of 1,714 musical phrases. It offers versatility for any mood, be it serene or dramatic


Phrases recorded for all major/minor keys and all modes.

1714 Different Phrases

Unlimited expressive, musical vocals to grace your music with.


Full walkthroguh video coming soon.

Two Organs ⛪

One grandiose thundering powerhouse. One intimate, vintage instrument.

Large Cathedral Organ

Huge sound, large number of stops to keyswitch.

Small Vintage Organ

Close intimate sound of a smaller organ with a very characteristic sound.

Harpsichord 🎹

Our harpsichord brings the baroque era to your fingertips with its crisp, articulate sound.

Keyswitches 🎹

Separate manuals, plus an experimental "plucked" mode.

7RR Repetitions

For a varied, realistic sound.

Tuned Perc 🎵

Marimba, Xylophone and Glockenspiel all included with multi-dynamics and up to 7RR.

Three Deep-Sampled Instruments

Unlimited expressive, musical vocals to grace your music with.

Multi Dynamic, Multi-RR

Up to 7RR variations and mutiple dynamics for each instrument plus three mic positions.

Lush Strings

Dark Academia's string orchestra simplifies your workflow with a crafted set of longs and shorts, seamlessly integrated into single patches. Open and play our expertly mixed and mapped samples immediately. Eliminate the need for complex instrumentation or orchestration and focus on creativity.

Two Organs

From the majestic tones of a cathedral pipe organ to the intimate vibes of a smaller vintage organ, our library covers it all. Each note is sampled to capture the full character and resonance unique to these grand instruments.

SFX Library

Large set of sound FX characteristic to the intricate world of Dark Academia.

Synth Patches & Basses

Tailored, designed set of synth & sound design patches including pads, basses, plucks and more.

Catacomb Drums

A small set of huge drums. Recorded in a large space at a distance.

Nearly $800 Worth of Instruments for⚠️$280⚠️

Own an entire new arsenal of instruments with massive savings:

✔️ Felt Piano (Up to 10 Dynamic Layers) + Solo Cello (with true legato)
✔️ Solo Soprano (1714 Phrases)
✔️ Cathedral Organ, Vintage Organ and Harpsichord
✔️ Tuned & Untuned Percussion (Marimba, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Catacomb Drums, Medieval Drum & more...)
✔️ Sound Design & Synth Patches
Total Value: $769
For Only $

Inside the Box

Full Instruments/ Specs

27GB+ Of World-Class Samples

The library boasts an expansive size, totalling over 27GB of content. Complete with solo instruments, ensembles, a vocalist, tuned and untuned percussion, synths, SFX, it's an ultimate standalone-collection of instruments.

A Powerful 7RR

The library takes realism to new heights with an impressive level of Round-Robin (RR) variations. Short articulations, percussion and other relevant instruments boast 7RR variations PER dynamic layer for ultra realism.

True Legato Cello

The cello instrument included with Dark Academia truly stands on its own two feet as a valuable and flexible instrument. The legato sound is fluid and natural, the three mic positions allow you to adjust your sound to taste, and the shorts boast up to 5 dynamic layers at 7RR, with three dynamics for the sustains/legato.

Multi-Mic Positions

Multiple microphone positions provide flexibility in sound shaping, allowing composers to adjust the spatial characteristics and blend the instruments to their preference.

Felt Piano

This instrument really is one of the gems of this library. We carefully treated a beautiful instrument and captured this extremely emotional sound, where ever detail in the attack of the hammer on felted mechanism is heard. This is one you have to hear to understand. It cannot be expressed in words.

Massive 1714 Soprano Phrases

This haunting Soprano voice included comes with an absolutely huge 1714 phrases, programmed to be easily used in any key or musical mode.

SFX and Synths

The library offers a comprehensive selection of cinematic sound effects and professionally designed synth patches. These meticulously designed elements add depth, texture, and versatility to compositions, empowering composers to create captivating soundtracks with cinematic impact and a wide sonic range.

String Orchestra

No Dark Academia library is complete without strings, so we decided to include a large, thick and powerful string ensemble which is easily programmed across a full keyboard range. Not too much to think about - just open it and start playing and writing. It's intuitive, easy, and sounds absolutely gobsmacking.

Specialist Instruments

We've included a number of specialist instruments with this library, from a large cathedral pipe organ to a harpsichord, which has such well recorded and programmed release samples that the sound is uncannily similar to a real recording.

Runs in Kontakt 5 (FULL) and Above.

The library runs smoothly on the full version of Kontakt 5 and higher. With its seamless integration, composers can take full advantage of the library's extensive features, including intuitive controls, flexible articulations, and advanced performance capabilities. Unlock the true potential of the library within Kontakt and enjoy a seamless composing experience.