Musicians were asked to identify the real piano(s) from a set of five recordings including one real and four sample libraries.

Results showed that almost the same number of musicians that guessed the real concert grand recording guessed that our virtual "Dorian Marko Piano" was in fact a real piano recording.

Below are the results:

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Dorian Marko Piano

Sound like a concert pianist.

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Four Piano Models

Different piano models to suit all genres/styles.

Sounds Like a Pianist

Recorded by a world-class pianist. Prepared by a world-class piano tech.

Stunning Visuals

Inspiring and visually complex graphical interface.

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"Having worked with Steinway pianos all my life, I’m really impressed with the sound Auddict have achieved. It’s certainly the best digital piano sound I’ve ever heard."

- Iain Gordon

(Piano technician. Prepared pianos for Lang Lang, Martha Argerich, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Evgeny Kissin and more)

Sounds like a live piano

When we showed musicians recordings of a real Steinway D concert grand piano and various virtual pianos, they could not tell the difference between the real Steinway recording and the Dorian Marko virtual piano.

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For all musicians


Three mic positions for anything from a close, dry tone to a huge ambient concert sound. Includes a beautiful sounding, specially sampled una-corda mode.

Control even the resonance of the pedal, sound of the hammer mechanics and timbre/tone of the instrument.

Songwriters / Pop / Jazz / Rock

A clean tone which can be as direct, dry and punchy as you want. Adjust the mechanical sound and tone of the instrument to your heart’s desire.


The“attic” model is a beautiful warm and fat sound for an emotional cinematic tone. The “+ stardust” adds another layer of complex fx to warp the sound into new dimensions.

Social Media Enthusiasts

The beautiful interface allows for amazing visual representation of what you play.

Screen record your performances and upload them online.

Brought to life by a professional pianist

This instrument was recorded and brought to life by Dorian Marko on his own Steinway D concert grand piano, who, as a professional virtuoso pianist, knows exactly how a piano should sound and feel. Rest assured, this sounds like the real thing.


Auddict Instruments are heard in music by:

David Newman

Composer: Ice Age, Matilda, The Nutty Professor, Army of One, War of the Roses, Tarzan etc.

Scott Chesak

""The Dorian Marko Piano is an inspiring instrument to play. I especially love the "Attic" mode!""

Composer, songwriter and performer: Panic! At the Disco, Adam Lambert, Weezer, "Why Him?"

Charlie Clouser

"Auddict’s new Dorian Marko Piano is at the front of the pack.  The instrument is supremely playable, and I’m getting great results.  A+!"

Composer - SAW Horror Franchise

Yasunori Mitsuda

"This is my favourite piano instrument of all I have used. In particular, the concert piano and ATTIC sound better than any other."

Composer - Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis, Chrono Trigger, Mario Party, Black Butler, Persona 4

Auddict Instruments are heard in Video game:

Titanfall 1 & 2

Music by:

Stephen Barton

Composer: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Titanfall, Titanfall 2

Auddict Instruments are heard in TV Series:

Planet Earth

Music by:

Jacob Shea

Composer: Gears of War: Judgment, Planet Earth II, Through the Wormhole

Rock Album

Wired For Madness

Music by:

Jordan Rudess

Keyboardist for platinum Grammy- nominated rock band, Dream Theater

Auddict instruments are heard in music by:

Mike Kennerty

Musician / producer: The All-American Rejects, Screeching Weasel, Direct Hit!, The Copyrights

Auddict instruments are heard in music by:

Klayton (Celldweller)

American multi-instrumentalist: Celldweller, Scandroid

"Not a loop player or multi-sample player; it's both and more."


"Taking a different tack to other percussion libraries, PercX's ambitious hybrid approach succeeds on almost every level."


Dorian Marko Piano

Runs as a VST2/3/AU/AAX plugin or as a Standalone on Windows/Mac

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Inside the Box

Features list

Inspiring Graphical Interface

A truly inspiring and graphically rich visual display which can inspire and even be recorded for streaming or uploading your performances/recordings online.

Three Mic Positions

Play anything from the closest driest piano sound appropriate for pop/rock/jazz to a hugely ambient and distant concerto sounding concert grand for classical pianists.

Four Piano Models

Four different piano modes: “classical” (for a traditional concert sound), “stage” (for rock, pop, jazz), “attic” (a soft, haunting sound which works in cinematic productions) and “stardust” (highly experimental sonic effects).

Fourteen Velocity Layers

We’ve never spent this much time sampling an instrument; months of sampling and re-sampling until it was perfect. We made sure to capture every single detail from this very special Steinway Model D concert grand piano.

Una Corda Mode

We specially and separately sampled the una corda pedal, you get the real thing. The una corda sound on this piano is very prominent and very special.

Lifelike Sustain Pedal Resonance

The sustain pedal does not merely hold notes down when depressed. It actually causes the same resonance changes as a real instrument. Vast amounts of time were spent re-creating this complex behaviour.

Sampled by a Professional Pianist

This instrument was recorded and brought to life by Dorian Marko, who, as a professional virtuoso pianist, knows exactly how a piano should sound and feel. Rest assured, this sounds like the real thing.

Chromatically Sampled

Rest assured that every single note was sampled, chromatically No shortcuts were taken and no program/software trickery was used. Not only did we sample the piano fully and meticulously, but we did it multiple times until we decided it was perfect.

21 GB Sample Content

Huge amounts of sample content. We use our own compression algorithm to reduce the size of the samples, so you’re getting 23GB of samples taking up just 12GB of space.

Instrument Noises

You can even adjust the mechanical sounds of the instruments. Alter the sound of the pedal going up/down, the hammers strikes, hammer releases and background noise.

Velocity Curve

Adjust the dynamic response of your piano with an interactive velocity curve.



System Requirements:
Runs as a VST2/3/AU/AAX plugin or as a Standalone on Windows/Mac
Windows 7 or above (64 bit only) or Mac OSX 10.9 and above
4GB RAM and Intel i3 processors are recommended
Dorian Marko Piano works in all major DAWs: Ableton, Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Studio One, FL Studio etc
FL Studio: We recommend enabling the ‘Use fixed size buffers’ option in the ‘Processing’ tab of the plugin wrapper
Dorian Marko Piano requires an internet connection to download its samples and authenticate the plugin. Afterwards it is ready for offline usage.
After major OS updates Dorian Marko Piano may need to be re-authenticated. This will also need an active internet connection.