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ceres vocal sample library for kontakt 4 and above with true legato
ceres vocal sample library for kontakt 4 and above with true legato

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-sell a library I bought from Auddict?

You may not copy/re-sell/re-distribute any libraries of other files purchased from Auddict. If you would like to sell on your own license to a library purchased from Auddict, please send us an e-mail at detailing what you would like to do.

How do I extract your libraries from their .rar parts/I am unable to extract the .rar files downloaded/am getting an "end of archive" or similar error

In order to correctly extract our libraries from their .rar parts, please first ensure you have fully downloaded ALL parts, and placed them together in the same folder on your computer. Then, extract only part 1 (if you have a bundle, and there are more than a single "part 1", extract each one at a time), using unrarx on a mac, or winrar if using windows - and it will automatically extract all parts.

You can download winrar (Windows) or unrarx (Mac) at the links below:



Once extraction has completed, your library is ready to be used, simply navigate to the "instruments" folder and open the nki files within in Kontakt.

If your library is a bundle, or similar, and contains multiple sets of rar parts, (i.e. you have two or more part.01.rar's - you will need to extract each "part.01" separately.

Can I use your libraries for commercial projects/products?

You may use and modify our samples in combination with other sounds in music projects such as film scores, commercials, pop tracks, however you may not re-distribute the samples in isolation themselves in any form, or use them either in their original, or modified form as part of a re-sold competitive product.

Be reasonable when using them! In your own music, you may use them as you wish - but you cannot for example re-sell the samples, or use the samples as part of loops for re-sale, or edit the samples in any way to use them in a re-sellable loop, sample or similar product.

How can I/Can I get your Libraries to Show up in Kontakt's "Libraries" Tab?

Like most other Kontakt instruments and libraries, our library does not appear inside the "Libraries" tab in Kontakt. You need to navigate to the "instruments" folder in the library once extracted, and open the nki files from there, either by double clicking to open in a new Kontakt instance, or from inside Kontakt's "Files" tab, shown below:

To make it easier to find your library later, you can also save the library in the "quick load" section of Kontakt. To do this, use the button shown below to open the quick load section at the bottom, and simply drag the Kontakt instrument from the "files" tab into the quick load tab to save it there for later.

Can I work for Auddict?

We are always happy to hear from people who think they might have something to contribute, in any amount, to Auddict and our libraries, and are delighted to hear when people with to work with us. Whether you write demos, program, or have another skill you believe may be relevant, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at, and we will get back to you shortly.

If your issue is not addressed here, please e-mail us at - we usually answer all e-mails within 48 hours.