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Never before have the true essence and complexity of modular synthesis, and the very best of organic recordings/samples been fused together so mightily.

It’s very difficult to get a software synth to sound like something real and natural. You want a synth sound in your music, but you want it to sound like something physical, not like a computer program trying to play music.

Hexeract does exactly this. You have before you a powerful software synthesizer, multiplied with the added dimension of organic recording, leading to sonic possibilities not even remotely paralleled by any software or hardware currently available.

Create sounds with Hexeract in seconds which, even if manually replicable (often not), could potentially take hours of manual sound design and editing.

£80 Give AS gIFT

Angel Strings

Music composition and production is constantly evolving, and the tools used to create music need to evolve along with this. The concept for this library involved capturing colours from a string orchestra which have not yet been recorded for any sample library, and place them at your fingertips, ready to compose and perform with.

Angel Strings Vol.1 Includes textural elements, morphing into/out from atonality, risers/divebombs ideal for building tension (for example in trailer music), different styles of spiccato/staccato, marcato to soft attacks with sustains, fast tempo-locked tremolo for powerful driving string hooks and more...

The techniques and articulations available in Angel Strings Vol.1 were cleverly recorded with the entire string orchestra in the same room all at once, in a way that seamlessly blends from the bottom of the range (double basses) to the highest violin notes. You can play the entire orchestra with each articulation across a single keyboard with a single NKI.

£100 Give AS gIFT

Master Solo Woodwinds

46.2GB46.2GB of astounding quality content

• Over 70,000+ WAV files/samples in this instrument alone!
• Multiple legato modes at varying dynamics
• Staccatos and shorter Staccatissimos to craft realistic short note passages
Intuitive trills function allowing easy playing of any trills/tremolos up to a perfect 5th in width! (seven chromatic notes - C to G for example)
• Ability to control level of mechanical noises of the woodwind instruments, which also follows your performance
• Flutter tonguing, Triple tonguing and much more...

£200 Give AS gIFT

United Strings of Europe - Complete Bundle


Over 50GB of content
SEVEN microphone positions replicating a film scoring setup
• Recorded at the world-renowned Cadogan Hall
• Over 22,000 samples+
• Multiple TRUE LEGATO sets
• 7RR Staccato, Pizzicato and Sautille/Spiccato

£250 Give AS gIFT

Drums of the Deep Vol.1

Auddict is extremely happy to present "Drums of the Deep", a collection of drums ranging from small to earth-shudderingly huge. A number of the drums we recorded are originals used regularly on major film scores, and now you can have these exact instruments at your fingertips!

Many many microphones were used to ensure we did not miss out a single quality that these magnificent instruments had to offer. This library includes two versions of each drum - a seven mic position version, and a three mic position version.

£60 Give AS gIFT

Drums of the Deep Vol.2 "Unleashed"

Over 27GB of top quality content, five microphone positions, to blend you own personal sound, bigger than ever, with up to eight drum ensembles recorded and over 20,000 samples included. Over 50 instruments recorded to create this library.

Patch list:
Eight Drum Army (Taikos and Gran Casas)
Field Drums
Frame Drums
Gran Casas 1
Gran Casas 2
Huge Toms
Rope Tension Drums
Timpani Ensemble

£85 Give AS gIFT

Master Brass - Complete Bundle

The Master Brass library boasts no less then seven mic positions/perspectives to choose from and/or blend between, as well as multiple legato modes and intricately put together techniques and articulations, which highlight each instrument's particular capability and character.

This library was produced with the aims to yet again push sample libraries closer towards the flexibility and possibility of a real recording session. There are many aspects of the library reflecting this, including of course the seven mic position mixer, but also aspects such as true octave legato in the horns, true chords (crescendo and diminuendo) for all instruments included, an extra unusual but crucial mic position included (woodwind spots - more on this below), a fantastic high RR per dynamic layer staccato articulation, and more....

£150 Give AS gIFT

Celestial Voices: Calypso

Prepare yourself to be blown away by the second vocalist from the "Celestial Voices"... Calypso is a solo female soprano vocalist, with a soaring sound that provokes powerful emotions.

It comes with five mic positions, so you can blend your own personal sound, flexible enough to create a broad projecting operatic sound, as well as a clean, dry pop sound, which opens the possibility to add your own reverb if you so wish.

£45 Give AS gIFT

Celestial Voices - Ceres

Ceres is the first of the Celestial Voices, by Auddict, featuring the soaring, ethereal vocals of singer, Tanya Wells. Tanya's flawless vocals, trained and refined in India, have taken her performing at the Cannes Film Festival for Anoushka Shankar, opening for Joss Stone, Nitin Sawhney and Nicki Wells (her twin sister), as well as recording vocals for the 2014 movie "Hercules".

With this VST instrument, we aimed to capture as much of Tanya's tone, style, artistic sound, and versatility in performance as we could, and as a result, you need only look at the screenshot below. Have a look at the range of the instrument, and then take a glance at the number of keyswitch notes available to you. Multiply these together, and you will have a rough idea of how deep and versatile this instrument really is.

£45 Give AS gIFT

Virtuosic Violin

With an instrument as diverse, capable, and exposed as the violin, there is no cutting corners, so we strived to capture as much of the possible sounds a violin can make as possible, resulting in the huge list of articulations you can see below, as well as four sampled legato styles, also shown below. We even specially sampled slurred and bowed legato so you can correctly and realistically phrase passages, and a specially sampled "fast legato" set of intervals, which will allow you to play virtuosic runs and scale passages.

On top of this, we want our instruments to be as close in sonic-flexibility to a real situation as they can be, so in addition to providing close and stage mic positions, we have also made sure to have both a ribbon and condenser mic, which you can choose to switch between. Both sounds offer so much in their own right, the ribbon having a beautiful smooth tone, and the condenser being ruthless in exposing every little detail in the sound.

£42.50 Give AS gIFT


This instrument requires the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 4, or above (so it will also run in Kontakt 5 perfectly). The full version of Kontakt 4, is not the free "Kontakt Player", it is the full retail version which can be purchased from Native-Instruments' website.

Requires approx 60GB of space for installation (zipped and extracted files)

All prices shown are excluding VAT and/or other applicable sales taxes. These will be added during the checkout process.


If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you - just go to our contact page, send an e-mail in, and we'll do our best to reply as fast as possible.