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Complete Composer's Toolbox

Full string orchestra, traditional Viking instruments, choirs, solo vocals, drums, percussion, and more.

Over $700 Worth of Samples for $280

Super high value with super huge savings.

World-Class Samples

Multiple mic positions, dynamic layers and RR variations. A professional sound that stands out in the industry.

Full List of Instruments

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Giant Instrument Collection

All You Can Eat Composer's Buffet

This expansive collection features an array of instruments, including a 🎻 string orchestra, 🛡️ Viking instruments, 🎤 vocals, 🥁 drums, 🎵 choirs, 🔊 synths, and more, enabling you to create captivating soundtracks effortlessly.

Mythos provides exceptional value for composers seeking professional-grade sounds. Immerse yourself in 🌟 world-class samples, with multiple 🎙️ microphone positions, dynamic layers, and round-robin variations, ensuring a rich and authentic sound that stands out in the industry. 🎧

Orchestral Strings

Traditional Viking Instruments

SFX: Battle cries, war horns, sword clashes, anvils & more


Huge Drums & Percussion Collection

Synth Patches

Variety of Basses and Sub Basses

The Most Thunderous Strings in the Business

We gathered world-class players, including members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 🎻 to put together a huge string section. You will not find more thunderous sounding strings ⚡ in any other sample library. Guaranteed.

Includes delicate to thundering shorts, flowing longs, and divebomb FX/risers.

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Solo Female Vocals Library

Beautiful Viking/Celtic-style solo female vocals. Extensive library of solo vocal phrases recorded for all musical keys and modes.


Phrases recorded for all major/minor keys and all modes.

Beautiful Ethereal Sound

Ideal for adding ethereal, haunting vocals.

Celtic/Viking Style

Sung by a vocalist specializing in Celtic and Viking-style styles.



A Tagelharpa; a traditional Viking instrument, with true legato capabilities.


Multiple dynamic layers. Beautiful sound. Three mic positions. Authentic sound.

Jaw Harp

Huge number of RR variations, multi dynamic layer.

Huge Drums Library

The meticulously recorded collection of thunderous percussion 🌩️🥁 will transport you to the heart of ancient battles ⚔️. These immersive sounds will elevate your compositions to epic proportions 🔥.

Custom Conceptual Instrument

We were so dedicated to developing the theme of this library that we sound designed and developed a custom conceptual instrumental ensemble, the “Valhalla Pluckscape”; a vast metamorphosis of plucked instrumental sounds spanning from deep bass to crystal highs.

SFX Library

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Large set of sound FX perfect for your soundtrack-composing needs, including battle cries, war horns, percussive elements, tickers and more.

Synth Patches & Basses

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Tailored, designed set of synth & sound design patches including pads, basses, plucks and more.

$700+ Worth of Instruments for $280
⚠️ $140 ⚠️

Own an entire new arsenal of instruments with massive savings:

✔️ Orchestral Strings Library (15GB)
✔️ Solo Vocals Instrument and Deep Choir Patches
✔️ 4x Solo Instruments (8GB)
✔️ Drums Library (11GB)
✔️ Sound Design & Synth Patches
Total Value: $709
For Only $140

Inside the Box

Full Instruments/ Specs

38GB+ Of World-Class Samples

The library boasts an expansive size, totaling over 38GB of content. With 15GB dedicated to the rich string section and an impressive 11GB for the thunderous drums, composers can expect a vast range of high-quality sounds that provide depth and variety for their compositions.

Up to a HUGE 16RR

The library takes realism to new heights with an impressive level of Round-Robin (RR) variations. The strings feature a whopping 16RR, ensuring that every note played on them offers subtle variations for an incredibly authentic performance. The drums boast 7RR, capturing the nuances of each hit. Other instruments with shorts also maintain equally high numbers of RR variations.

String Orchestra Library

Included 15GB string orchestra with delicate sustains, monstrous sustains, delicate staccatos and monstrous staccatos. The monstrous staccatos are the most furious, explosive string shorts you will find in any sample library.

It provides an extensive selection of shorts, longs, and risers/divebombs, ensuring a diverse and dynamic string sound.

Multi-Mic Positions

Multiple microphone positions provide flexibility in sound shaping, allowing composers to adjust the spatial characteristics and blend the instruments to their preference.


The lyre in the library showcases multiple dynamic layers and authentic sound. With its three microphone positions, it offers versatility and a beautiful tone. The lyre's historical significance and melodic qualities make it a captivating addition to any composition.


The Tagelharpa, a traditional Viking instrument, is authentically captured in the library. With true legato capabilities, it adds a unique and evocative sound to compositions. Its distinct timbre enhances the overall Viking and Celtic atmosphere.

SFX, Synths and Basses

The library offers a comprehensive selection of cinematic sound effects, synth patches, and basses. These meticulously designed elements add depth, texture, and versatility to compositions, empowering composers to create captivating soundtracks with cinematic impact and a wide sonic range.

Solo Vocals

The solo vocals feature beautiful Viking/Celtic-style performances. The extensive library covers solo vocal phrases in all major/minor keys and modes, offering an ethereal sound. Ideal for adding depth and emotion to compositions.

Valhalla Pluckscape

The "Valhalla Pluckscape" is a custom conceptual instrument ensemble designed exclusively for the library. Spanning from deep bass to crystal highs, it delivers a vast array of plucked instrumental sounds. This unique feature enables composers to create captivating and imaginative sonic landscapes.

Runs in Kontakt 4 (FULL) and Above.

The library runs smoothly on the full version of Kontakt 4 and higher. With its seamless integration, composers can take full advantage of the library's extensive features, including intuitive controls, flexible articulations, and advanced performance capabilities. Unlock the true potential of the library within Kontakt and enjoy a seamless composing experience.