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New Kits with a Single Click.

Auto-creates brand new complex arrangements and beats.

HUNDREDS of Different Instruments.

650+ Percussion instruments . You name it, we have it.

Loops or Samples: You Choose.

Hundreds of complex multi-sampled instruments. Hundreds of detailed loops.


Creating a Beat in PercX


Choose from hundreds of production-quality multi-genre deep sampled instruments.

Rhythm & Beat

Create a rhythm or click "auto generate" and PercX will write an entirely new one for you!

Mix & FX

Choose from many creative effects, adjust levels and EQ your instruments.


Add your beat to your track in your favourite DAW or perform it live.


“The Most Significant Percussion Tool in Over a Decade”

Stephen Barton, Composer of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Audio Demos

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TEstimonials & Awards

"The most significant percussion tool in over a decade. Groundbreaking,
supremely musical, inspiring... and insanely fun to play."

Stephen Barton
Composer: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Titanfall, Titanfall 2

PercX is really something fresh and different in the crowded world of percussion libraries. Unique, surprising, and most importantly - it sounds great!

Charlie Clouser
Composer: SAW Horror Franchise

Winner: Sample Library Review's "Game-Shaker" of the year award...
"Might be the only percussion instrument you need."

Don Bodin

"I'm amazed by this Perc X thing you've created.  Incredibly malleable and intuitive.  My experience has been a constant string of "if only this thing could………wait a minute…it can!".  Pitch control and level manipulation within each layer, multiple outs for stem organization or mixing.  It is a thing of beauty.  I felt like I didn't need any more percussion - how wrong I was!"

Jacob Shea
Composer: Gears of War: Judgment, Planet Earth II, Through the Wormhole

"Not a loop player or multi-sample player; it's both and more."


"Taking a different tack to other percussion libraries, PercX's ambitious hybrid approach succeeds on almost every level."


Power and Efficiency

World-Class Drum Beat Production

With just a computer and a pair of headphones, you can get started creating world-class drum beats for any genre.



“I'm amazed by this Perc X thing you've created.  Incredibly malleable and intuitive.”

Jacob Shea, Composer: Gears of War: Judgment, Planet Earth II, Through the Wormhole


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PercX Complete


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‣ Full Percx Engine: Complete Drums Composing, Arranging & Mixing Suite.
‣ 650+ Fully Performable Instruments
‣ Over 600 ready-made MIDI grooves
‣ ALL PercX Sample Libraries (Core Kits, Cinematic Rhythms, Raw Drum Kits, Hybrid Pulse, Traditional X, Producer Essentials)

PercX Core


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‣ Full Percx Engine: Complete Drums Composing, Arranging, Mixing and Performing Suite.
‣ 200+ Fully Performable Instruments
‣ Over 200 ready-made MIDI grooves
‣ Core Kits Library PLUS Any One Additional Sample Library of Your Choice.

Inside the Box

Features List

Here is a full technical list of PercX features, including a full list of instruments included, available and details on the engine itself.

See right and below for complete list of features →

650+ Instruments

Instruments are deep sampled with multiple dynamic layers and round robins. They can be played/performed manually or used as fully changeable loops/grooves.

Full list of Instruments available here.

PercX Full Engine

Includes complete drums/percussion/beat composing, arranging, automating and mixing suite. Create your entire beats and rhythms for any genre entirely inside-the-box.

Hundreds of Loops

Load them, mix them and play them instantly or customize & change them completely.

Auto Beat Generator

PercX's intelligent beat-generator algorithm can generate entirely new beats and rhythms at just the click of a button.


Works with Windows and Mac as both a standalone and will run as a plugin in all major DAWs (Cubase, Protools, Logic, Ableton etc.) as VST/AU/AAX.

Creative SFX

Various tailor made sound effects custom designed and built by Auddict can be added to your beats.

Transient Aware

PercX has a transient-aware system built into its engine meaning that your beat will always be in time regardless as to the length of the attack of the instrument.

Dynamics Control

Dynamics control allows you to relatively control the dynamics of multiple instruments at once, in real time.

Parametric EQ

Fully parametric EQ is available to be added to every single instrument individually for anything from broad sound-shaping to surgical EQ cuts.

Modulation System

Any parameter can be modulated by different mod sources (carriers) using the control tab.

Record & Play

You can play in and record your own rhythms into PercX with a MIDI keyboard or any other compatible MIDI device.

Sixteen Instruments at a Time

PercX allows you to load up to sixteen different instruments into a single instance of the plugin.

Kit Browser

PercX contains a kit browser with previewing and sorting capabilities to facilitate your ability to browse and find the instruments you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Six Libraries

PercX Complete includes six libraries of instruments, loops and kits totalling over 650 instruments and hundreds of loops.

Multi Channel Output

PercX allows you to route each instrument to its own individual output if you prefer to mix in this way.

Tempo Flexibility

Any loop's tempo can be changed without any artefacts at all. No time-stretching or beat-slicing is employed here so you can be assured of ultimate realism.

Resizeable GUI

The PercX interface can be resized to cater for different sizes. Designed to also work in 4k.


Undo & redo capabilities included within the plugin itself/

Share Presets

Save presets, copy online, share with other users.



System Requirements:
Windows 7 or above 32/64 bit or Mac OSX 10.9 and above
4GB RAM or above recommended
PercX works in all major DAWs:  Ableton, Cubase, Logic, Protools, Bitwig etc.
FL Studio: We recommend enabling the ‘Use fixed size buffers’ option in the ‘Processing’ tab of the plugin wrapper.
PercX requires an internet connection on the computer where it is installed in order to be activated, and to install the content. Once you have done this, it can be used without a connection.
Intel i3 processor or above