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120 😲 UNIQUE Kontakt Instruments

That's 120 DIFFERENT Kontakt instruments with ENTIRELY unique sample content. Not multi-patches or combinations. Multi RR, multi dynamics, multi articulation.

One-Shots & Customizable Sound FX

9,576+ creatively recorded and produced sounds. Customizable, playable, editable with our engine.

Dynamic Playable Engine With Sequencer

Craft complex rhythms, sequences and melodies with effortless precision


Listen to Cyberpunk

  • N3twork 9 by Hammy
  • Nuclear Blast Dust by Bina & Ju
  • Fractals by Maks Piszczek
  • Cyberpunk Cinematic Demo (Dressed) by Jashandeep Reehal
  • Cyberpunk Cinematic Demo (Naked) by Jashandeep Reehal
  • Artist Custom Quick Demo
  • Drums & Perc Quick Demo
  • Fragments Quick Demo
  • Fragments #2 Quick Demo
  • Machines & Ambience Quick Demo
  • Tonal Instruments Quick Demo
  • Tonal Instruments #2 Quick Demo
  • Trailer Pack Quick Demo
  • Trailer Pack #2 Quick Demo
  • Vocal Clip Quick Demo
  • Vocal Clip #2 Quick Demo

Instrument Collection Categories

Soundstorm Vol.2:

01. Drums & Percussion

  • Bleeps/Computer Sounds/Glitches
  • Claps
  • Kicks
  • Snares
  • Metals
  • Organic Drums (Taikos, Djembes, Chinese Toms etc)
  • REKD Hits
  • Robot Hits
  • Vintage Drum Machines
  • Mashed Drum Machines

02. Machines &Ambience

  • City Soundscapes
  • Factory Hits
  • Hydraulic Hits
  • Machinery Hits

03. Whooshes Risers& Divebombs

  • Divebombs
  • Risers
  • Sirens
  • Whooshes

04. Vocals

  • Breaths
  • Mashed Reporters
  • Robot Voice
  • Solo Female Singer

05. Tonal

  • Electric Bass
  • Electric Guitar
  • Electric Bass (Processed)
  • Electric Guitar (Processed)
  • Shamisen
  • Shamisen (Processed)
  • Sub Bass Drones
  • Vintage Synth Collection
  • Mashed/Warped Synth Collection

06. Staple Cinema

  • Booms
  • Bowed
  • Falls
  • Glitches
  • Hits
  • Impacts
  • Interfaces
  • Mechanics
  • Reversed
  • Risers
  • Stutters
  • Synthesized
  • Transitions
  • Voices
  • Whooshes

07. Artist Custom Palettes

  • Neo Velux Explosions
  • Feathers
  • Low Sucker Punches
  • System Malfunction Hits
  • Electric Guitar Insanity
  • Tunnel Hits
  • Stutters


  • Drums & Percussion: Dive into a vast array of rhythmic possibilities, including the crisp Claps, thunderous Vintage Drum Machines, organic drums like Taikos and Djembes, unique hits, and classic beats, and much more.
  • Machines & Ambience: Immerse yourself in the dystopian world of cyberpunk with driving City Soundscapes, industrial Factory Hits, Hydraulic Hits, and powerful Machinery Hits, crafting atmospheric depth and industrial energy for your beats and rhythms.
  • Instruments: Explore tonal diversity with a large library of instruments, including Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Shamisen, Sub Bass Drones, emotive vocal options such as Breaths, Reporters, Solo Singer, and Robot Voice, and much more.
  • Staple Cinema Sounds & Whooshes, Risers, Divebombs: Elevate your compositions with thunderous Booms, eerie Bowed sounds, dramatic Falls, glitchy Glitches, sharp Hits, Impacts, futuristic Interfaces, mechanical Mechanics, Reversed effects, tension-building Risers, rhythmic Stutters, unique Synthesized tones, smooth Transitions, expressive Voices, dynamic Whooshes, and attention-grabbing Sirens, all tailored to create cinematic depth and dynamic scores.
    Artist Custom Palettes: Experience a designer library of sounds with Neo Velux Explosions, Electric Guitar Insanity, Feathers, Tunnel Hits, Low Sucker Punches, Stutters, and System Malfunction Hits, meticulously curated and tailored by a composer to add unique and evocative musical textures to your compositions.

Drums & Percussion

Kit Drums:

  • Claps: A diverse collection of clap sounds, featuring 82 total round robins for realistic variation and depth.
  • Kicks: 16 unique kick drums, each offering distinct depth and punch for any mix.
  • Snares: 14 unique snare drums, providing a wide range of tones from crisp to deep.
  • Vintage Drum Machines: A curated collection of authentic sounds from classic drum machines, offering unique beat and rhythm elements that capture the essence of retro electronic music production.

Taiko/Gran Casa/Other Organic Drum Ensembles

  • Organic Drums: A collection of 15 unique, multisampled diverse drum ensemble instruments, including Taikos, Djembes, Congas, and more, each with 7RR across dynamic layers for authentic sound. From booming bass drums to sharp bongos, this library offers cinematic depth and organic realism, perfect for dynamic scores and immersive soundscapes. Explore a world of powerful rhythms and textures.


  • Bleeps/Computer Sounds/Glitches: Unique digital glitches and bleeps for innovative soundscapes, spanning subtle to complex textures (36RR).
  • Destructed Drum Machines: 50 warped and mangled drum machine sounds, reinvented through heavy processing for gritty, unconventional rhythms ideal for edgy electronic compositions.

Cinematic & Destructed:

  • Cinematic Metals: 33 deep, massive metal sounds, crafted for cinematic impact, from thunderous clangs to haunting resonances.
  • REKD Hits: 30 uniquely sound-designed destruction hits, from catastrophic impacts to shattering collapses, perfect for intense, dramatic rhythms and soundscapes.
  • Robot Hits: 30 dynamic impacts blending robot voices, destruction sounds, and mechanical movements for a vivid portrayal of robotic essence in action.

Machines & Ambience

Trailer/Cinematic Staples


  • City Soundscapes: A compact collection of ambient loops capturing the essence of a cyberpunk city, from neon-lit streets to the hum of futuristic technology.

Machinery Rhythms:

  • Factory Hits: Industrial clanks and metallic thuds that echo the raw, rhythmic energy of working factories.
  • Hydraulic Hits: Sharp, pneumatic bursts and powerful mechanical movements characteristic of hydraulic machinery.
  • Machinery Hits: The heavy, resonant sounds of machinery in motion, from grinding gears to massive operational thumps.

Transitions, Lifts & Falls

  • Divebombs: Searing descents in pitch, ideal for dramatic transitions x15
  • Risers: Ascending tones that build tension and anticipation, perfect for leading into impactful moments x20

Sirens and Whooshes

  • Sirens: Oscillating, hazard-warning, danger-imposing alarms that capture urgency and alertness. A staple of the modern cinematic palette. x30
  • Whooshes: Swift, sweeping sounds that emulate motion, useful for transitions and enhancing movement in visuals. x16

Vocals & Instruments


  • Breaths/Breath FX: Ethereal inhalations and exhales, adding human texture and emotional depth to tracks.
  • Mashed Reporters: Mashed Reporters: Transform your narratives with dystopian reporter and announcement samples, twisted into a musical toolkit.
  • Solo Female Vocals: Expressive solo female vocals brought to life through a playable any-key library of phrases, enriching your music with emotional resonance.
  • Robot Voices: Craft futuristic dialogues with synthetic, robotic vocal sounds, capturing the essence of the rise of artificial ultra-intelligence and enhancing your creative storytelling.

Deep Sampled Intruments:

  • Electric Guitar: Deeply sampled and featuring multi-round-robin (RR) technology, this distorted, hardcore electric guitar offers complete playability; solo and rhythmic, with five distinct articulations.
  • Electric Bass Guitar: Deeply sampled and featuring multi-round-robin (RR) technology, this hardcore electric bass offers complete playability featuring five distinct articulations.
  • Shamisen: Explore the evocative sounds of the traditional Japanese shamisen, meticulously deep-sampled for authentic playability. With multiple articulations, including normal, muted, slide plucks, and more, it captures the essence of this iconic instrument.

Processed/Mangled Instruments:

  • Shamisen (PROCESSED): Experience sonic innovation with a mangled and distorted twist on the shamisen. Deeply sampled and fully playable.
  • Electric Guitar (PROCESSED): Dive into sonic chaos with this heavily distorted and mangled electric guitar. Deeply sampled with multi-round-robin (RR) technology, it offers wild playability across five unique articulations.
  • Electric Bass Guitar (PROCESSED): Journey through sonic chaos with this intensely distorted and mangled bass guitar. Deeply sampled with multi-round-robin (RR) technology, it delivers wild playability across five distinctive articulations.

Synths and Drones:

  • Vintage Synths: Massive collection of seventeen deep-sampled analogue synthesizers. Fully playable and fully modifiable.
  • Mangled Synths: Unleash sonic chaos with a processed and mangled set of synthesizers. This collection offers a wild departure from the norm, delivering a unique and distorted auditory experience.
  • Sub Bass Drones: Experience the sonic depths that make the earth tremble. These sub-bass drones, akin to the lowest tones in cinematic epics, create ground-shaking, cinematic soundscapes.

Staple Cinema Sounds

  • Booms: Thunderous and awe-inspiring, "Booms" are deep and resonant sound effects that command attention, adding weight and grandeur to your compositions.
  • Hits: Impactful and explosive, "Hits" are sharp and percussive sound effects that punctuate your music with moments of intensity and power.
  • Reversed: Unleash anticipation and power with "Reversed" sounds. These audio snippets, played in reverse, build sharp, rapid momentum, leading to explosive moments in your composition.
  • Voices: Evoke emotion and narrative depth with "Voices." These vocal samples and effects add a vocal touch to your compositions.
  • Bowed: Powerful but evoking an eerie elegance, "Bowed" sounds sound like drawing a bow across various instruments, resulting in haunting, sustained tones ideal for ethereal and mysterious atmospheres.
  • Impacts: "Impacts" are bone-rattling and forceful, delivering a visceral punch to your compositions, making them perfect for action sequences and dramatic moments.
  • Risers: Ascend to new heights with "Risers." These gradually building sounds elevate the tension and excitement in your music, often used in cinematic trailers and climactic moments.
  • Whooshes: Slicing through the air, "Whooshes" are fast and dynamic sound effects that bring movement and velocity to your compositions, making them perfect for action sequences and transitions.
  • Falls: Cascading like a waterfall, "Falls" bring a sense of motion and drama to your compositions, with descending notes that create anticipation and suspense.
  • Interfaces: Futuristic and high-tech, "Interfaces" provide a sense of interaction with advanced technology, creating a cyberpunk or sci-fi ambiance.
  • Stutters: Add a glitchy and rhythmic edge to your compositions with "Stutters."
  • Synthesized: Futuristic and artificial, "Synthesized" sounds are crafted using synthesizers, offering a wide range of otherworldly textures and tones for your electronic or sci-fi compositions.
  • Glitches: Transport your audience into the digital realm with "Glitches." These fragmented and erratic sounds add a futuristic and glitchy texture to your music.
  • Mechanics: The symphony of machinery and gears, "Mechanics" sounds are industrial and mechanical, ideal for adding an element of realism to your compositions or enhancing a sci-fi setting.
  • Transitions: Seamlessly bridge scenes or create dramatic shifts with "Transitions." These versatile sound effects help guide the listener through your narrative with smooth or impactful sonic changes.

Artist Custom

  • Neo Velux Explosions: Elevate your cinematic music and rhythms with custom explosion/impact patches. These powerful sounds add immense weight and intensity to your compositions.
  • Electric Guitar Insanity: Experience a fusion of cinematic grandeur and electric guitar SFX. These massive sounds infuse your compositions with a dynamic and edgy quality.
  • Feathers: Immerse your music in soft, wide, and deep sounds. "Feathers" provide less transient elements, creating ethereal and atmospheric textures for your compositions.
  • Tunnel Hits: Transport your audience into the depths with "Tunnel Hits." These resonant and immersive sounds create a sense of spatial depth and intensity in your music.
  • Low Sucker Punches: Feel the visceral impact with "Low Sucker Punches." These deep, gut-punching sounds deliver an intense physical sensation, perfect for adding raw emotion to your music.
  • Stutters: Inject rhythmic chaos into your compositions with "Stutters." These percussive bursts of sound add dynamic complexity and anticipation to your musical creations.
  • System Malfunction Hits: Add a futuristic edge to your compositions with "System Malfunction Hits." These sound effects capture the chaos of technical breakdowns, enhancing your cinematic narratives.


Cinematic Trailer


Live Scoring

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Inside the Box

Specs/ Requirements

120 Unique Kontakt Instruments

Dive into an unprecedented array of sounds with 120 distinct Kontakt instruments, each offering a fresh palette of sounds. From dynamic round robins to multiple articulations, this library stretches the boundaries of traditional sound design.

9,576 Sounds, FX and One-Shots

Boasting 9,576 meticulously recorded sound FX and one-shots, Soundstorm Vol.2 offers unparalleled customization. Edit, play, and morph these sounds with our cutting-edge engine to create something truly your own.

Dynamic Playable Engine & Sequencer

Our powerful, user-friendly engine and sequencer allow you to craft complex rhythms, sequences, and melodies with precision and ease. Unleash your creativity and bring your musical ideas to life.

Versatile Instrument Categories

Explore a vast spectrum of sounds across several categories. Drums & Percussion: From claps to vintage drum machines, and organic ensembles like Taikos. Machines & Ambience: Immerse in dystopian city soundscapes and industrial hits. Vocals: From ethereal breaths to solo female vocals and robot voices. Tonal Instruments: Electric and processed guitars, shamisen, sub bass drones, and an extensive vintage synth collection. Cinematic Staples: Create dynamic scores with booms, hits, impacts, risers, and more. Custom Artist Palettes: Unique sounds curated by artists for innovative textures.

Tonal/Non-Tonal Sounds

Many categories in this library, including even the impacts, come with bot non-tonal and tonal sounds meaning there is a pitch that you can also control. There are tonal hits, tonal ambiences and more. Control pitch on the left-hand size of the keyboard (red area on GUI).

Intuitive, Inspiring GUI

Designed with creativity in mind, our GUI allows easy access to sound shaping tools. Adjust reverb, manipulate the sound envelope, and explore various filter curves. Visualize the waveform of each sound as you sculpt your sonic masterpiece.

Seamless Kontakt Integration

Optimized for Kontakt 5 (FULL) and above, Soundstorm Vol.2 integrates flawlessly with Kontakt's advanced features. Enjoy intuitive controls, flexible articulations, and a broad spectrum of performance capabilities.