This Is How It's Meant To Sound...
- STEPHEN BARTON (composer: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Titanfall, Titanfall 2)
Drums of the Deep has become a staple in my template for its flexibility and the breadth of sonic possibilities and images available from the microphones; it is a joy to use. Cannot recommend Auddict’s libraries highly enough.
- MIKE KENNERTY (musician / producer: The All-American Rejects, Screeching Weasel, Direct Hit!, The Copyrights)
I love layering cinematic elements into rock songs. Even when mixed subtly they can really bring a song to life. Drums of the Deep is a perfect library for adding those kinds of touches. Really great for that extra percussive oomph.
- Klayton (Celldweller)

[On "Drums of the Deep"]...
Big and flexible with multiple mic positions to choose from. This library is indispensable.
Composer - Chrono Trigger,
Mario Party, Black Butler

Best textural sound ever. Couldn't have achieved the finest-sounding music without it.
Kool & The Gang
I love  the Auddict libraries for my music, the sound is as real it gets

50% Off Master Solo Woodwinds Full Bundle

The Ultimate Woodwind Sample Library, with Legato That Can Fool Even a Trained Ear

ALSO ON SALE: Master Brass Octohorn & Tubas!

46.2GB of Astounding Quality Content - Multiple Legato Layers at Multiple Dynamics, Play any Trill up to Seven Notes Apart and Even Control the Level of True Mechanical Noise Heard from the Instruments

After much recording, production, tireless testing, re-testing and finally refining the end result, we are very happy to bring you the complete Master Solo Woodwinds bundle, which contains meticulously sampled solo flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet and bassoon sampled Kontakt instruments (will work in Kontakt 4 and all higher versions - but not the free Kontakt "player").

These instruments will take anything you throw at them - with a legato mode that can adapt to slow and extremely fast playing in a single phrase with no extra effort/keyswitching on your part, simply open and play! See our video demos below.

Click here to visit the instrument page for more details, MORE demos and to purchase.

Kontakt VST AU AAX GUI Screenshot of interface

Short Specs:

- Over 70,000+ WAV files/samples in this instrument alone!

- Multiple legato modes at varying dynamics

- Staccatos and shorter Staccatissimos to craft realistic short note passages

- Intuitive trills function allowing easy playing of any trills/tremolos up to a perfect 5th in width! (seven chromatic notes - C to G for example)

- Ability to control level of mechanical noises of the woodwind instruments, which also follows your performance

- Flutter tonguing, Triple tonguing and much more...

Full list of articulations:

Legato with recorded vibrato
Legato without vibrato
Polyphonic/Chord playing with vibrato
Polyphonic/Chord playing without vibrato
Flutter Tongue
Triple Tongue
Key Noises (able to play in isolation if needed as well)

Please note, as vibrato on the Clarinet is not a standard technique, we have not included it, but the other four instruments all include vibrato legato as WELL as non vibrato legato and sustains, all at multiple crossfade-able dynamic layers (MIDI CC1/Mod Wheel).

You are even able to control the level/volume of the key sounds/mechanics of the instruments, and the sound of the flautist pressing the keys will also be louder depending on how hard you press the key on your MIDI keyboard (velocity). 

One feature we are exceptionally proud of is the intuitive trills articulation system, which allows you to play any trill/tremolo within the flute's playable range up to a perfect fifth (seven chromatic notes)... See the demo video for an insight in to how this works!

Requirements & Specs

This instrument requires the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 4, or above (so it will also run in Kontakt 5 perfectly). The full version of Kontakt 4, is not the free "Kontakt Player", which can be downloaded, it is the full retail version which can be purchased from Native-Instruments' website.