Monster Contrabasses (Free)(50% off - summer sale)
Yet Another Furious String Patch From Dorian Marko’s Personal Template
More Uniquely Furious Strings
Another release from the personal palette and template of pianist/producer Dorian Marko.

This time, a furious and gritty small contrabass group, with an astonishing seven mic positions for full sonic-control.

• The most thunderous string sound you've ever heard
• Small but furious ensemble of just double basses
• 7x RR
• Recorded in a the world famous Cadogan Hall in London, UK
• Kontakt 5 or above required (full version of Kontakt)

A small ensemble playing a huge sound in the middle of a large, glorious concert hall in the heart of London makes up this patch now made available by Auddict for completely free.

The seven mic positions comprise of and cover the vast, diverse variation in sound as you move through the hall, listening to these glorious players play their instruments, right from the gritty, dry close mics, including ribbon options, through to the haunting ambient room position.

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Video Demos
List of Instruments

• Polyphonic
• Legato
• Tremolo
• Harmonics
• Trills
• Staccato
• Pizzicato
• Sautille
• Portamento


Requires approx 200mb for installation.
This instrument runs in Kontakt full version 5 and above.


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