Raw Drum Kits(50% off - summer sale)
Versatile raw drum kit sounds for your productions. Perfect for rock, pop, jazz, country etc
• Package includes full PercX Engine, sample library "Raw Drum Kits" and sample library "CORE kits".
Approx 250+ sampled instruments (Over 150 in "Raw Drum Kits", and over 100 instruments in "CORE Kits"
8GB of raw uncompressed audio data in "Raw Drum Kits" alone.
• Over 13,000 samples+ in "Raw Drum Kits" alone.
• Up to 7RR
• Twenty One PercX Kits to Load and Play
• Ideal for Rock/Pop
Kontakt NOT Required
We are thrilled to bring you RAW DRUM KITS; A sample library containing over 150 instruments in the form of a variety of drum kits perfect for your pop/rock songs and productions.

These kits have been recorded and treated/polished to the point where they will sit like a real drum recording, with the space left for you to add your own layer of production - as you would to a real drum recording - should you so desire.

This is the first official sample library release for our powerful engine PercX. All instruments in PercX can be played as multi-sampled instruments/libraries, or triggered as loops that you can either play out-of-the-box, or totally re-compose yourself.
150+ Multi-RR, Multi Dynamic Deep Sampled Instruments
Kicks, Snares, Hi-Hats, Toms, Crash Cymbals, Rides, Metals, Shakers, Rims and More...
Generate New Beats With the Click of a Button
The "Raw Drum Kits" sample library adds plain and straightforward pop-and-rock drum kits to PercX. In combination with the existing content, (PercX-Core engine AND CORE sample library also included) you can generate completely random new beats and grooves in no time. The ultimate creative tool for new ideas and sketches.
Rich Balanced Sound
The audio material was polished meticulously, with the most important factor being that we bring it to a state in which it sits superbly in a mix, out-of-the-box.

Nevertheless, it is still totally mould-able by you. Rest assured, the material is not over-hyped, compressed or limited to death! Rather, you will have access to a controlled and rich sound, ready for you to mix into your production.
Stephen Barton,
(composer: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Titanfall, Titanfall 2)
On PercX: "The most significant percussion tool in over a decade. Groundbreaking...supremely musical, inspiring...and insanely fun to play."

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Audio Demos

Take a listen below to some of the stunning audio demos created using this library. (MORE COMING SOON)

Video Demos
The Content

All samples are complete; hit to tail. All instruments function as fully comprehensive sampled, multi dynamic, multi RR sampled instruments. No beat-slicing or time stretching technology is employed in these libraries, you can rest assured that you are getting a complete set of powerful deep sampled instruments to add to your composing palette.

Using only top of the range mics/mic-pres to record the material for this library (included various rare, vintage and even custom/modified pieces of gear), we recorded a large and comprehensive variety of drum kits.

A full list of instruments is available here under "Raw Drum Kits". Please note that all CORE instruments are also included (Over one hundred instruments).


"I'm amazed by this Perc X thing you've created.  Incredibly malleable and intuitive.  My experience has been a constant string of "if only this thing could………wait a minute…it can!".  Pitch control and level manipulation within each layer, multiple outs for stem organization or mixing.  It is a thing of beauty.  I felt like I didn't need any more percussion - how wrong I was!"

Composer: Gears of War: Judgment, Planet Earth II, Through the Wormhole

"The most significant percussion tool in over a decade. Groundbreaking...supremely musical, inspiring...and insanely fun to play."

Composer: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Titanfall, Titanfall 2

"PercX is really something fresh and different in the crowded world of percussion libraries. Unique, surprising, and most importantly - it sounds great!"

Composer: SAW Horror Franchise

Winner: Sample Library Review's "Game-Shaker" of the year award...
"Might be the only percussion instrument you need."

New "Food" for the Engine

PercX (which IS included with this purchase), has a "Kit Generator" feature. The algorithm written for this feature allows you to auto-generate entirely new arrangements with the click of a button.

The more sample libraries you own for PercX, the more material it has to work with. If you are stuck for ideas and searching for improvisation, why not try opening an instance of PercX on your song (or other production), syncing the tempo, and giving the auto generator a go. Who knows, it may just generate something that triggers your brain and forms the foundation of your next masterpiece!

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Drum Kits

Along with this library, we are also releasing an update to PercX (free for existing users of course) which includes new features such as a system for easily playing hi hats opened/closed, which opens the door to future drums' easy switching between two different techniques/sounds on the same track in performance. There is also a new way to quickly switch to standard Drum Kit mapping (Kick Drum on C, Snare a minor/major 3rd above etc...). You can even customize this to your own preferred map if you so desire.

Raw Drum Kits was released to bring PercX into the world of songwriting/rock/pop, after strongly cinematic lean in the content. Our first drum kits pack was created with the artist in mind. Instead of slamming the material with compressors and limiters, and hyping it with oversaturation and EQ, we polished the samples to bring out the best of each instrument, allowing it to sit in almost any mix comfortably, out of the box, without preventing you from adding your own layer of production major on top.

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List of Instruments

• Polyphonic
• Legato
• Tremolo
• Harmonics
• Trills
• Staccato
• Pizzicato
• Sautille
• Portamento


This instrument runs in our flagship percussion engine, PercX, which is included with this purchase. Rest assured, you can purchase, install, and play! PLEASE NOTE Native Instruments' Kontakt is NOT required to run this library.

Requires approx 8GB of space for installation.

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